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Perhaps the best thing


Friday Bowie has a bit of sadness

Let’s all pour one out for the late Trevor Bolder, formerly of the Spiders from Mars.

Saturday Glam Rock isn’t here to stay

Is it bad that I find Gary Glitter really creepy?

You just startled Friday Bowie

Oh jeeze, sorry, with this eyepatch on, I didn’t see you there.

Friday Bowie is looking forward to the weekend

Friday Bowie writes some crazy junk

From NME’s synopsis of the Bowie Is art exhibit:

1995’s ‘Outside’ was supposed to be part of a series of works known as ‘The Nathan Adler Diaries’, which would be terminated in December 1999. In a handwritten note explaining the copy, Bowie writes, “History is now an illusion, therefore theoretically the future no longer exists. There is only today.”

I can’t even describe how great that is.

Some people think Friday Bowie should have regrets

Look, just because he wrote a silly song with a faux-Alvin from the Chipmunks that sources have called “pretty grim” doesn’t mean he should ever apologize for it.