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Saturday Glam Rock isn’t here to stay

Is it bad that I find Gary Glitter really creepy?


Friday Bowie would be ashamed, but Glam Rock Sunday don’t care

Two whole weeks with no Friday Bowie, during a time where we get the first Bowie album in almost a decade!  For shame!

Maybe I should make up with it with some Sweet, Sweet Glam rock

One More Not-Friday Not-Bowie

Top 10 Classic Rock Songs

This is the prettiest thing that you get when you Google “classic rock”. The rest is pretty grim.

Classic rock. Sometimes dripping with meaning and social causes. Sometimes simple, repetitive waves of awesomeness that wash over your aural existance for 5, 10, 30 or so minutes. Always awesome. Always trying to get laid. Always succeeding.

Here is an utterly biased balance of epic, nostalgia-provoking, top ten ultimate classic rock songs (defined as Mid-60s-80s). I omitted the Beatles, funk, rap, and stayed pretty mainstream with my list, heavily favoring the songs that I remember blowing my mind (or at least becoming lodged in there an provoking some change) when I first heard them on the radio. If I had to write this again next week, it would be a completely different list. They may not be my favorite songs by any of these artists, but they show off their awesome side, and probably made them more greatly appreciated by a wider audience (thus getting them more sex). And isn’t that what it is all about?

Presented in an order I think they would be fun to listen to. Screw ordered lists, these are all awesome: Continue reading

Another Not-Friday Not-Bowie

The not-Friday not-Bowie

Remember that shortlived revival of glam rock in the early 00’s?

A roll of the dice

I forgot Friday Bowie, so let’s take a chance and check out a video from a random glam rock band: Blackfoot Sue.  I particularly enjoy the incredibly awkward dancing.