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Quick Movie Review – Give Em Hell Malone

Give Em Hell Malone

Frankie the Crooner: Suck my Sinatra.

It’s been a long time since I’ve cringed so consistently at a film.  It’s like someone watched the Usual Suspects, read a bit about the noir genre, and then got a shitload of money from their uncle to finish their first draft script.



Quick Movie Review – The Killer Elite

The Killer Elite

Mac: Some union guy put it all together, bulletproof glass, and then they shot him in bed. I got it from his widow.

A really interesting beginning and a promising premise that is quickly abandoned for a silly, dull plot.  I appreciated the mostly true-to-life approach to gunfights and mortality, but many of the lines seem to come from a completely different movie, and the film fails to follow through with any thematic or narrative force.


Quick Movie Review – Convoy


Rubber Duck: Well piss on ya, and piss on your law.

A story as thin as you’d expect from something based off of an old country-western song, and directing as uneven as you’d expect from a man losing a fight to drugs, alcohol and depression.  There are occasional glimmers of quality work, and the cast all does their best with what they’re given, but it’s a movie that never decides whether it’s a light comedic chase film, a tough guy action thriller, or a political statement.


Quick Movie Review – Fast Five

Fast Five

Rico Santos: I’m not negative. I’m just positive you’re gonna mess it up.

It is a bad sign when a series loses interest in its premise so blatantly, and when the lead talent all decide to sleepwalk/glower through their scenes.  A heist/cool car/paramilitary/action/comedy film that is as dull and lifeless as it is flashy and over-the-top.


Quick Movie Review – The Mechanic

The Mechanic

Arthur Bishop: Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

A movie that does absolutely nothing you haven’t seen before.  Passable production and performances, but overall it’s just a very generic action film.


Quick Movie Review – Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China

Infinitely watchable, this is the B movie action film elevated to a new plane.  Sometimes a little silly and always over the top, but it never takes itself seriously enough to detract from the fun.


Quick Movie Review – Salt


An updated kind of mash up of the 90s Harrison Ford/Tom Clancy films and the Bourne trilogy with a decent cast and some slick visuals.  A silly plot that’s overly reliant on twists to keep things moving, but it’s a decent political action film to watch if you’re bored and just want some simple gunfights, fistfights, chases and explosions.