And now for something completely different…

Please allow me to introduce myself:
I am a man of wealth and taste.


I am the new Northeastern correspondent for Theoretically Evil.  Although this fine blog has maintained quality content for some time now, due to a recent record amount of awesome shit to discuss, it is in desperate need of MORE.

This is where I come in.
Who is this ‘I’, you may ask?

A bit about me:

  1. I work at a small independent theater and that pretty much makes me an authority on all films.
  2. I enjoy dabbling in cookery.
  3. I occasionally make videos and other visual stuff.
  4. The main draw of joining Theoretically Evil was the draw of BOWIE FRIDAYS.  I do not in any way support the terrible jokes that are sometimes posted by my colleague.

So look forward to Special Reports on Muppets, really bad films, really good films, really neat art, and the occasional awesome link.

I leave you with this:

Pleased to meet you!
Perhaps you’ll guess my name.  : ]


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