Memorial Day Burger cookin’

Burgers for ‘Murica

Recipe, patriotism and reaction under the cut.

-1.5lbs of ground beef
-1lbs of ground lamb
-1 small white onion, diced
-1 half large jalapeno, diced
-generous amount of Worchestershire sauce
-small dash of barbecue sauce
-splash of malt vinegar
-dash of salt
-garlic pepper to taste
-dash of cayenne pepper
-pinch of chocolate powder
-dash of cumin
-potato rolls
-Yancey’s Fancy garlic cheddar cheese

Guacamole topping
-2 avacadoes
-1 half small white onion, diced
-1 half large jalapeno, diced
-splash of margarita mix

Combine spices, vegetables and meat well and grill meat to desired level

For the Guacamole, mash up the avacadoes and mix well with the jalapenos and onion, then splash on margarita mix

-Because I am a red blooded American, and because it was Memorial Day, I had no choice but to make massive patties of ground up meat and put them over a fire until they glistened with grease.  I was working with a brand new grill, and the burgers did end up a bit overdone for my tastes, but even with a lot of the juice cooked off these burgers ended up being fairly juicy.  The massive patties I made cooked to a respectable size, though the tiny little girly-man patties I made at the suggestion of my friends ended up being even more tiny and girly when put on the grill.  As far as the recipe, I wish I could say that the spices and lamb made a distinctive difference in the taste, but besides being a juicy burger with a great consistency I don’t know that anyone noticed what kind of seasoning I used.  The garlic cheddar, jalapenos and guacamole is really what ended up receiving the most compliments and adding the most to the meal.  This may not have been an out-of-the-park-during-our-nation’s-pastime kind of cooking attempt, but everyone seemed fairly pleased and I’ve learned a bit about making a good grillin’ burger.  I’m chalking this one up as Bald Eagle nodding with approval pretty good.


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